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The Real Secret Behind the Success of SHAREit App: Its Technology

Published June 14, 2017 in Random - 0 Comments

Technologically speaking, the all-new SHAREit app is one of the most advanced in the commercial space today. There are many forums on the Internet where people, users in most cases, have complained that they do not know the details behind the technology of the new app and wish to know more. Not knowing has also made them sceptical of the many virtues of the app and they do not use it as well. To them we say, read this page.

SHAREit for PC

First of all, a brief background about the new app. SHAREit, at its minimum, is a handy alternative to many offline file-sharing apps and is also a rival of the proprietary technology of Bluetooth. It also lets you transfer data to other devices, mostly Android devices, for no charge at all, compared to data packets used for online transfers. Right now, it is available on the Google Play store and has a fantastic rating of about 4.5/5. Also, the app has a download of approximately 100 million times.

The secret behind the new SHAREit app is fairly simple and easy to comprehend. It uses the concept of the Wi-Fi Direct, which is a feature we find pre-installed in every almost all Android devices we currently find in the market. This is how the Wi-Fi Direct works: a host server is created first within the application. To this, the other devices can be added. The receiver/s then has only one thing to do:  join the hosted server. The traditional job of SHAREit can be easily completed after this.

Remember that both the sender and receiver devices must always be connected to each other on the server in order for the transfer to succeed.

Naturally, many users had some questions regarding the tech behind the SHAREit app. No, it does not use either Bluetooth, or NFC, and does not use internet services. Note that tests by internet speed calculating applications including Ookla have shown that some files are being transferred, while some amount of internet usage is also shown. The money is not, however, deducted from your mobile data package; it is deducted from the server Wi-Fi data. 

The Reasons That Make SHAREit Faster Than Bluetooth

Published June 14, 2017 in Random - 0 Comments

Bluetooth was a ground-breaking application when it was first launched. People use Bluetooth to transfer photos, videos, songs, files, etc. Bluetooth was first introduced in the Symbian mobiles. But with the advent of smartphones, the implication of Bluetooth started wearing out. Not that smartphones do not support Bluetooth, but rather because it offered other features. Bluetooth generally takes a lot of time to get files transferred and in this fast-pacing world, people hardly have the patience to sit through this.


People started relying on file transferring apps as the years went by. One such app is SHAREit, which is considered to be one of the best file transferring apps out there in the market today. It is basically a free application for the mobile device that enables users to transfer files between devices which sports WiFi technology. It uses WiFi direct concept, peer to peer networking and WiFi hotspot to transfer the files between the devices. The best part of the app is that it allows you to share huge files without using any data connection.

Bluetooth was never able to share contacts, but SHAREit can do so. SHAREit can be used on Android, Windows and iOS devices.

SHAREit is around 40 times faster than Bluetooth. Files can transfer files 60-65MB/s in case of SHAREit. The reason the app is faster than Bluetooth is that in ShareIt, when either one of the parties creates a WiFi hotspot, the other one gets connected to it and a local network will form automatically. Both the parties have the IP addresses and as a result, the sender can send a file and it will be transferred to the way of TCP and the receiver will be identified with the help of IP address.

While Bluetooth was a pioneer in creating an easier environment by bringing out wireless connectivity, but SHAREit is no less, as it has surpassed it by a lot because of its humongous speed. So, naturally, SHAREit is now more popular than Bluetooth and it has created its own audience. For those of you who still have not tried SHAREit, we recommend you to use it highly. It is worth it, believe us!