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How to Download SHAREit Apk for Android Devices (Most Updated Method)

Published August 3, 2017 in Tutorials - 0 Comments

SHAREit APK Download: File sharing apps are one the most used and most downloaded applications in today’s world. And when we are talking about file transferring apps, SHAREit is one of the undisputed champions in this niche. SHAREit Apk comes with a very simple, user-friendly UI and multiple awesome features. Apart from transferring all kinds of files among various platforms in Bolt’s speed, the app also allows its user’s group sharing, safely backs up images, copies files reliably with the CLONEit feature, capable of auto-searching and most importantly transfers files from mobile to desktop and vice-versa.


Now, you can download SHAREit free of cost simply by visiting the Google Play Store and searching over there, or you can download SHAREit Apk for Android and start using the app. In this article, we have discussed on how to download SHAREit APK on Android smartphone and what steps you should follow to do it smoothly. But before we talk about the technicalities, let’s check out the latest SHAREit apk details and from where to download the APK file.

SHAREit App Features- A Brief Outline

SHAREit boasts of some of the most amazing file sharing features among all of the apps in its group. But what exactly is it that sets it apart? Let us take a look.

  • The SHAREit app has the best download speeds, making it the best option if you don’t have a lot of time to waste. To be specific, the app’s transfer speeds are over 50 times higher than that of Bluetooth.
  • Another big plus is that SHAREit can handle much larger file transfers with elan. The service can also work across multiple platforms.
  • The ability to perform multiple transfers with multiple users at the same time is one of the biggest draws of this great app. In fact, you may transfer files using SHAREit for Android with 5 different devices at a given time. This helps save precious time, and of course, your phone’s battery life.
  • The app sports an easy to use interface, and it only takes a few uses to get used to the process.
  • The most commendable feature of SHAREit for Android, in our books, is that it allows varied compatibility. Not only can one use the app on older Android versions using the same file type (you need to download an older Apk version), but also on several others, such as BlackBerry and Windows PC.

Now let us take a look at some details about SHAREit Apk latest version.

SHAREit Apk Latest Version: All the Important Details

Free content transfer sharing app SHAREit is known for constantly updating itself to meet the upcoming tech demands and giving its users a better and richer experience. And, now it is again back with its latest version. The latest version of SHAREit app is 3.9.28. The best transferring speed of the app is 20MB/s, which is more than 200 times faster than that of Bluetooth. You can get connected to your friends and exchange content without external WiFi or cellular network. The new version comes with a fixed bug related to space cleaning and an optimized detail of Share Zone. The updates prove that the developers of SHAREit are constantly on the move which has resulted in the users of the app getting a never seen before version of SHAREit.

SHAREit APK Latest Version  3.9.28

Version: 3.9.28_ww

Developer: SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd.

Organization: Lenovo

Size of File: 5.79MB

Updated On: July 13, 2017

Minimum Compatible Android Version: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread, API 9)

Target Android Version: Android 4.4 (KitKat, API 19)


Download From: The link provided on this page.

What’s New:

  • In the Share Zone, you can directly check out for updates from your friends.
  • As many as 8 new avatars have been added.
  • Some bug fixes and a couple of other optimizations have been made for the application to run smoothly.

The latest version of the app comes with a more optimized detail of Share Zone. It also has fixed a bug related to space cleaning. The app recently was named one of the top 10 finalists in the CES2015 Mobile Apps Showdown. The latest version will solve all your problems related to digital files management and content sharing.

The basic features of cross-platform transferring, no-network restriction and ‘Connect to PC’ also retain with the latest update. So does CLONEit feature, through which you can quickly share and backup Call Logs, MMS messages, Contacts, Apps, System settings and files in SD card from your old phone to new phone.

How to Download SHAREit apk for Android Smartphone

Step 1: When you try to download the SHAREit .Apk file for Android Smartphone or any Android apk file, your phone treats that as an unknown external source. So you have to give the green signal to the unknown source first to install the SHAREit apk file on your Android smartphone.

SHAREit apk

Step 2: So to grant permission to the Unknown sources, go to your phone’s Settings and then click on the Security. There you will notice the ‘Allow unknown sources’ option. Now, click on the checkbox placed on the right side of Unknown sources to allow access.

Step 3: Now download the SHAREit.APK file from this link.

Step 4: When the SHAREit apk file will complete downloading on your phone, visit the file manager on your Android smartphone and find the APK file.

Download SHAREit APK

Step 5: Now, to begin the installation process, click on the file. The file will ask for your permission. Accept all of them to keep going on the installation process.

Step 6: Wait for a couple of minutes to complete the installation process.

Download SHAREit apk for Android

Step 7: Finally when the app will get successfully installed on your Android handset, you can find the SHAREit app on your phone’s menu.

Wrap Up

So folks hopefully you’ve got an idea how to download SHAREit APK for Android smartphone. The steps are very easy, and the way we have described it, we are sure you will not have any problem to install this superb file sharing application on your phone. We have also discussed the steps to download SHAREit for BlackBerry, Windows and iOS devices. You can check those too if you want.

How to Use SHAREit on Windows PC for Free

Published June 17, 2017 in Tutorials - 15 Comments

SHAREit for PC Download: SHAREit is the best file transferring app of this era. The app comes with multiple brilliant features like you don’t need any external internet connection to share files through the app, the app provides lightning speed, is capable of sharing files between two various platforms, can copy files with the CLONEit feature, allow group sharing and much more. But the only problem with this app is only officially available on Android. So if you want to use this Android exclusive file sharing app on Windows, what should you do? Well, we have come up with the solution and explain vividly how to download SHAREit for Windows PC.

SHAREit for PC

Download SHAREit for PC

You will be able to download SHAREit for PC through two methods. You can follow either of the two methods to install this file transferring application on your Windows PC which runs on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP.

How to Download SHAREit for PC (Windows OS)

Method 1 (Using BlueStacks)

To run an Android app on Windows PC, you need an Android emulator. Android emulator is a software which mimics Android on user’s Windows PC so that the user can run any Android app on their device kudos to the emulator’s online interface. Although a galaxy of Android emulators is available in today’s market, we will recommend using you BlueStacks as it offers a very user-friendly and reliable UI.

Step 1: First thing you need to do to get SHAREit for PC, is to download BlueStacks on your Windows PC. To download the emulator on your Windows PC, head towards BlueStack’s official website and follow the instructions.

SHAREit download for pc

Step 2: As soon as you will finish installing BlueStacks on your PC, open the emulator by double clicking on the quick launch icon created on your desktop.

SHAREit download for windows pc

Step 3: After that, tap on the “Search” menu which resembles a magnifying glass.

SAHREit download for Windows

Step 4: Now, write SHAREit on the appeared text box and you will find a URL which will guide you to the Google Play Store listing.

Step 5: After that you’ll be asked to set up the synchronisation feature which will be needed when you will try to login with a Google account. This step is necessary if you want to download SHAREit on Windows PC with a proper Google mail id.

Step 6: As soon as you will finish the login procedures, visit the search page again and click on the app icon you will find in the Google Play Store.

Step 7: Finally you will notice the SHAREit app on the BlueStacks home page among the ‘All Apps’ section. Just click on the ‘install’ button and download this awesome file sharing app on your Windows PC.

Method 2 (Without BlueStacks)

Ok, we have already discussed on how to download SHAREit for PC running Windows OS with the help of BlueStacks emulator. Now, if you want to download the file transferring app without the help of any Android emulator, this second method is perfect for you. So check out the instructions below and download this awesome for PC.

Step 1: In this method you have to download the SHAREit PC software’s installer file first.

SHAREit for Windows PC

Step 2: Now when the download completes, install the software file. To install the software, double click on the software file you just downloaded, tap on the Run option and just follow the instructions coming on your computer screen.

Step 3: After that when the software files finished installing, open it, and you will notice a simple user interface like the below image.

SHAREit for Windows PC

Step 4:  Now you will find two options available for you: SEND and RECEIVE. Don’t choose those options. Instead, tap the “Connect Android device” option displaying at the below right-hand corner of your screen.


Step 5: After that, open the SHAREit app and choose the “CONNECT PC” option as shown below.

SHAREit for PC

Step 6: As soon as you will tap on the “CONNECT PC” option, you will find entire available PC network near you. All you have to do is select your desired laptop/desktop like the below image.

SHAREit Download for Windows PC

Step 7: SHAREit will now automatically establish a connection between your PC and the Android device so that you can share any file from your Windows PC to your Android smartphone or vice versa with ease and efficiency.

SHAREit features

SHAREit for PC: Latest Method

You can also download SHAREit for Windows PC or Windows smartphones by simply visiting SHAREit’s official website. You will get the link there to download the file sharing app directly on your Windows smartphone or PC for absolutely free of cost.

Wrap Up

So friends as you already know that SHAREit is one of the best file sharing apps of this era, if not the best, and offers various of superb features and functionalities. Although this is an Android exclusive app, we have vividly described how to download SHAREit for PC too. So, download the app today and start sharing files with your friends and family right now.

If you want to download this app on your Android phone, download the shareit apk file here.

How to Transfer Files using SHAREit for Free

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Transfer files using SHAREit

In today’s day and age that prioritises speed over everything else, super quick ways to transfer files are a true blessing. For those of us continuously on the go, we can hardly afford the time to sit around to share our files via Bluetooth. Sure, Bluetooth brought true convenience to out fingertips when it first started landing on our mobiles a couple of decades back. But transferring larger files via Bluetooth can be quite a pain as it may take a considerable amount of time, based on the size of the file being shared.

The other practicable option, sharing over the internet, comes with its own share of disadvantages. First off, signal strength may be a problem in certain areas. Secondly, uploading content on a website for sharing, or sharing via messaging platforms, can also be significantly time-consuming. But things get much easier when you transfer files over an app specifically designed to handle large media transfers that require no added connection to anything else. And that’s where SHAREit comes in.

Transfer files using SHAREit

SHAREit is one of the oldest platforms of its kind that allows users to share files without the need for traditional connectivity solutions. It is great for transferring files of any kind, be it media or PDFs, and of any size. In fact, SHAREit lets users share files as large as they want, at speeds that can go up to 100 times faster than Bluetooth. What’s more is that the app’s interface is very user-friendly as it is devoid of a bunch of useless added features that some similar apps are wont to do. In this post, we have discussed how to transfer files through SHAREit apk, step by step. It is easy, hassle-free, and more convenient than any other medium that you will have access to at your fingertips.


The first thing that needs mention here is the fact that SHAREit will only work between devices that have the app installed on them. Previous articles on this site have dealt with how you can download SHAREit on your device, whether Android, iOSWindows, or Blackberry OS. Use the detailed guidelines provided in those to set up the app on the device at your disposal. Then follow the steps provided below to get sharing. Remember, SHAREit allows cross-platform sharing if both devices (between which sharing is to take place) have the app preinstalled. Another thing to be noted is that unlike internet sharing procedures, users can only transfer files on SHAREit when the sending and receiving devices are in close proximity.

Step 1: Ensure that both devices involved at the sending-receiving end have SHAREit installed on them. Check out the above links to get the app on your device and set it up with your email.

Step 2: Open the app on both devices. You will be greeted by a simple interface that provides you with two options: “Send” and “Receive”. Click on Send on the device that the file to be transferred is located in, and click on “Receive” on the other one. Clicking on Send will take you directly to a page which offers you an overview of all the files that you have on your device. This will include Photos, Videos(this will include Movies), Music and File. You can select any file from here for sending. Remember, the receiving device has to click on “Receive” for you to send anything to it.

Step 3: Select the file that you want to send (the receiver doesn’t have to do much at this point but to wait until they’re shown the “Receive File” option). Note that you can select multiple files at one go if you want to send them all to a single device. Click on “Next”.

Step 4: The sender will then be presented with the option to select the person to send the file/ files to. Once the sender selects the device to send the selected files to, the device at the receiving end will need to confirm whether they wish to receive files from the sender.

Step 5: Sit back and relax as the files are transferred between the devices at lightning speed. Once the transfer is completed, the SHAREit app will show you the time that was needed for the core sharing process. At the end of the transfer, the sender can either choose to “Continue” or “Finish” their activities on the app.

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Wrap Up: So as we have it, SHAREit allows you to share a great many kinds of files without the hassle of connectivity problems. The app is a self-sufficient one, which means it can set itself up without the need for internet, Bluetooth or other traditional means of connectivity. So folks, if you have one or more devices that require cross-platform sharing, or you simply have a lot of things to share with your friends, then SHAREit is the app for you.

Download SHAREit for iOS (Free and 100% Working Method)

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SHAREit for iOS

SHAREit for iOS: A file sharing application is a much-needed tool on your smartphone in this era.  Suppose your friends have a very interesting game installed on their phone, and you want to install the same game on your mobile too, what would do you. In spite of downloading the game from the internet, you would like to have that game on your device through a file sharing app, right? SHAREit is such a file sharing app which offers its users plenty of cool features and certainly the best of the recent time. The app comes with a very simple user-interface and shares all kind of files among various platforms with a lightning speed. Apart from that the application comes with auto searching ability, group sharing, takes backup of images and with it CLONEit feature, copies the files from old device to the new, with ease.

SHAREit for iOS

SHAREit for iOS

But the only problem with this magnificent app is its OS constraints. SHAREit has been exclusively designed for Android only, and thus, not officially available either on Windows or iOS. At this point, comes our expertise. We have decoded and vividly described the steps to download SHAREit for iOS and how to install the file transferring app on Mac devices.

Check it Out: SHAREit Apk Download

SHAREit for iOS (Most Trusted Guide Ever)

In our previous article, we have already discussed both the steps (with & without) to download SHAREit for Windows PC. But, if you possess an iOS device such as a MacBook or iPhone, and want to SHAREit install on it, then what would you do? The steps to download SHAREit for iOS are very much similar with the procedure of Windows PC. You need only to make a couple of changes to download SHAREit for Mac devices. Well don’t worry; we have described all the steps in easy language and with proper explanation. So stick with us and kindly scroll down the page.

Step 1: To download SHAREit on iOS devices, we need an iOS emulator first, just like an Android emulator was needed when we download SHAREit for Windows. Among plenty of iOS emulators, we will recommend you to download Andy iOS emulator installer package on your iOS device. So just visit the official website of the software and download the installer package. Just remember that the installer file will come in DMG format.

Step 2: Now after downloading the installer package, double click on the file and start installing on your iOS device. To complete the installation process, just abide by the instructions coming on your screen. At a point of time, you will be asked to drag and drop the Andy application into your PC’s Applications folder. Do it.

Step 3: As soon as you will complete the previous step, more information will come on your screen, read them and select the agreement. Now click on the Next button and after a couple of seconds, you will reach the Finish mark. The Andy app player has now successfully installed on your iOS device.

Step 4: Then run the Andy iOS emulator on your iOS device and sync it with your Google Account. Friend this is not a rocket science, just keep on following the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: After that head towards Google Play Store and search for “SHAREit App.”

Step 6: Last but not the least, when you will find the file sharing app on the app store, tap on Download and install SHAREit for Mac OS.

SHAREit for iOS: Latest Method

As the file sharing application has gained immense popularity in recent days, Lenovo has decided to launch an official version of SHAREit for iOS too. You can also download SHAREit for iOS devices like iPhone or MacBook by simply visiting SHAREit’s official website. You will get the link there to download the file sharing app directly on your iOS smartphone or PC for absolutely free of cost.

How to Use SHAREit on BlackBerry OS for Free

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Download SHAREit APK

SHAREit for Blackberry: Remember those days when we used to send files via Bluetooth or Infra Red from our phone. But long gone are those days. We are now living in the smartphone era, where we can do almost everything with the help of our handset. We can watch movies, listen to our favourite songs, play games, anything and everything are possible on our smartphone. So if you want to share these movies or games with your friends, what would you do? Do you still depend on Bluetooth to share files? No, now we take the help of a file sharing application which can transfer large files from your smartphone to another smartphone or PC in just a blink of an eye.

SHAREit for BlackBerry

And when we talk about file transferring applications, SHAREit is one of the best, if not the best, of its league. But the main problem with this app is, it is officially available for Android only, and to some extent for Windows and iOS devices too. But if you possess a Blackberry smartphone and if you want to use this app on your phone, what would you do? Well in this article we have discussed on how to download SHAREit for Blackberry smartphones. But before we head towards the technical nitty and gritty, let’s check out what Share It for Blackberry offers to you.

SHAREit for BlackBerry: Important Features

  • SHAREit transfer files in an impeccable speed. The app is capable of sharing files between two devices up to 100 Mbps speed which is 40 times faster than Bluetooth and NFC.
  • You don’t need an external internet connection like active WiFi network or mobile data while transferring files via SHARE it.
  • You can share files between various platforms with ease. Like you can transfer files from your Blackberry smartphone to an Android phone or an iPhone in a lightning speed.
  • It can transfer various kinds of files such as games, movies, images, songs, videos, pdf files, documents and even other apps without any fuss.
  • This awesome data transferring application also keeps a safe backup of all the images.
  • With its CLONEit feature, the app easily copies all the settings from your older phone to your latest handset, including the Contacts, SMS, and the Contact logs.
  • It also offers its users the group sharing facility by which the users can transfer the files up to 5 devices, simultaneously.
  • Devices with SHAREit installed on it can automatically find each other within a particular range and make the files sharing much easier.

So friends after watching all these magnificent features, you must be itching to download SHAREit for Blackberry smartphones. But as the customer base of Blackberry is very less compared to Android, iOS and Windows, Lenovo, the makers of the SHARE IT app, has not launched any version of SHAREit for Blackberry. But we have provided you with a link below, clicking which you will be redirected to its official website, where you will get the option to download Share It for Blackberry. Check out the link below:

Click here.

Wrap Up

Folks hopefully this tutorial on how to download SHAREit for Blackberry mobiles has helped you a lot. We have also discussed in our previous articles steps to download SHAREit for Android and Windows too. So download this superb app today and start sharing with your folks and family.