How to Share Files via SHAREit: From Android to Android and Windows

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Share Files through SHAREit: Gone are the days of Infrared and Bluetooth as technology has progressed a lot today. We have come across several file sharing services lately and the one which has garnered the maximum number of positive responses among them is SHAREit. The service has been widely well received by people, and one of the best features of SHAREit is the lightning speed which it provides while transferring files. And today, we will mainly discuss the steps to share files through SHAREit on various platforms.

We will be only concentrating on the procedure required for transferring files from one Android smartphone to another and from an Android device to Windows PC through SHAREit. So, scroll down to know more about the steps.

How to Transfer Files through SHAREit: Android to Android 

Open the SHAREit application first and go to the home page. Here, you will get to see the options Send and Receive, so click on the Send button.

Step 1: Now choose all the files that you want to send from your Android device to another one. You can certainly select more than one file to send it across simultaneously.

Step 2: SHAREit will now automatically search for the devices that are nearby.

Step 3: Ask the person who you are trying to send the file to click on the Receive button.

Step 4: Your files will now get transferred to the other device within a blink of an eye, and all this can be done without even using the internet.

We hope that the steps which are mentioned above for transferring files through SHAREit from one Android device to another will be quite helpful to you. Therefore, you should not face any kind of complexities while doing so.

Steps to Share Files via SHAREit: Android to Windows 

For all those who end up facing a problem while sharing files from their Android to Windows device by SHAREit can check out the exact method used for it below. We hope that the steps would be helpful for our readers.

Step 1: Open the SHAREit application on both the devices first.

Step 2: Now click on the user image in order to Connect to PC.

Step 3: You need to wait until the icon of PC appears on your Android smartphone and then tap on it.

Step 4: The receiver now has to tap on the Accept button.

Step 5: Now your Android device and the receiver’s Windows device are connected, so you need to choose the files which you want to send across.

Step 6: Click on the Send button to transfer the files from your Android device to the Windows PC.

As you can see the method required to send a particular file from an Android smartphone to a Windows PC is not at all complicated. So, you can easily get through the method.

Wrap Up

We hope that this tutorial on how to share files via SHAREit will be quite insightful to you. Therefore, if you feel that this article has helped you in knowing the transferring procedure via the file sending app better, then do leave a comment below.

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