SHAREit For Linux Download: Is It Possible?

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Shareit for Linux

SHAREit for Linux: One of the most notable files sharing apps in the recent past is SHAREit. It is much faster than Bluetooth and has a lot more features. The files can be sent to multiple devices at the same time without worrying about the safety and the security. Not only that, this file transferring application is compatible with various operating systems too. So if you have installed Linux on your PC, will you be able to download SHAREit on it? In this tutorial we have solved the mystery whether it is possible to download SHAREit for Linux or not?

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SHAREit for Linux Download

Unfortunately, the Linux operating system does not support the SHAREit app. But you do not need to worry, for you can still use very similar apps for Linux, which have the same functions and are very easy to use as well. Follow this list to know some apps which can be alternatives to SHAREit for Linux.

Shareit for Linux

  • Send Anywhere: This app is very good at sharing files between various devices. It is basically a cross-platform file sharing service which uses a peer-to-peer service to send the files in real-time. It does not require cloud storage. Only a 6-digit one time key is required for the sender and the receiver which has to be input before the files can be shared.
  • Dukto R6: This is also a great alternative to SHAREit for Linux. It is specifically designed for use on a connected LAN. Simply use the app on the two computers and it does the rest. Very fast and also shows the data transferred in real time. Easy to use and has a very simple user interface. Not only that, it is also compatible with Chrome Remote Desktop
  • SuperBeam: It uses the Wi-Fi Direct protocol to transfer files. It also uses Port 8080, which means that it is more compatibility even on restricted WiFi networks. The best feature is that it is very easy to pair devices which are running the SuperBeam app. It uses  NFC or QR code scanning for quick compatibility.
  • Feem: Our favorite on this list, the Feem app is very fast; under ideal circumstances, it might even turn out to be the fastest. Together with the speed factor, it is also very safe to use and has a simple Graphical User Interface or GUI.

Wrap Up

This is the list of the best alternatives to SHAREit for Linux. Although you cannot install on your Linux-based device, you can go for these alternatives and we can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

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