SHAREit for Ubuntu: Is it Even Possible?

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SHAREit is a gift to the world that is plagued by slow file transferring networks. It’s a hundred times faster than Bluetooth (check out why) and works fairly well and hence the popularity. After having created this site on the lightening fast sharing application, and sharing guides on how to use SHAREit on Linux, on Windows, etc, several readers bombarded us with queries on SHAREit for Ubuntu which lead us to create this post. We realize that since you are reading this, you are probably hoping for a guide that’ll help you in running the file sharing application on Ubuntu operating system. But unfortunately the app isn’t available on the OS, and we don’t have a hack.

SHAREit Alternative for Ubuntu

You’d be glad to know that you can still share files between an Ubuntu and a Windows-enabled PC. Before we begin, you will need to check out whether your internet connectivity is good. After that, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: You will need an app called Samba that you can get for free from their official site. You need to install it on your PC, and then you will need to press Ctrl+Alt+T. It’ll help launch terminal command line interface.

Step 2: Then a window would appear which will look similar to that of Command Prompt in Windows. To install the Samba file server, you need to type “sudo apt-get install Samba.”

Step 3: Suppose you are sharing files between Ubuntu and Windows, you will have to launch File and then in the Home directory, you need to create a New Folder. Suppose we create a folder name Folder1. Now select the folder by right-clicking on the icon and then click on Local Network Share>Share this folder.

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Step 4: In order to view or access the folder, you will need to hit the Start button and type Run. A box will pop-up; in the writing box, you will need to type \\\NetData and hit enter.

Step 5: The Folder1 will appear, but if it doesn’t then in its place you will see a Window asking you for user name and password, only if you have set a password in the Samba file server of Ubuntu.

We recommend that you create a shortcut of the folder and keep it on your Desktop so that it’s easier for you to access it.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any feedback or issues that you come across while following this guide on SHAREit for Ubuntu PC. Leave a comment, and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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