How to Transfer Files through SHAREit: From PC to PC, Windows Phone and iPhone

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transfer files using shareit from PC to PC

We do not really depend on Bluetooth to transfer files anymore as there are several other file sharing services which have emerged lately. SHAREit happens to be an amazing alternative for wireless content sharing and sports the extremely well received CLONEit feature which replicates music, videos, messages and so on. Many of you out there might have faced some issues while transferring movies, songs, PDF files via the file sharing service. But our readers will be able to get rid of that problem if they follow the process related to how to transfer files through SHAREit which is mentioned in this article.

Here you will be getting a complete guideline on how to send files from PC to PC, Windows phone, and iPhone via SHAREit. So you would require scrolling down to get an insight. If you are wondering how to install Shareit for PC, then you may check our guide regarding it.

transfer files using shareit from PC to PC

How to Send Files Via SHAREit: From PC to PC

The method used for transferring music, videos, images and other files via SHAREit app from one PC to another is quite simple. You can check out the process below.

  • Both the recipient and the sender should start SHAREit on their devices first; they should also get access to the same LAN.
  • Now both of them should click on the option Connect to PC which is located at the right-hand side of the corner menu.
  • The sender should now tap on the avatar of the receiver in the search area.
  • Both the devices are connected now due to which the sender and the receiver can now exchange files between them.

Methods to Share Files Through SHAREit: From PC to Windows Phone

Some of you might become a little perplexed while sharing files via SHAREit from PC to Windows phone. But the procedure is not at all complicated as it happens to be quite easy.

  • The sender has to first open the SHAREit app on his/her PC.
  • The receiver will now have to tap on Connect to PC.
  • Click on the option Scan to Connect which is located at the bottom of your Windows phone screen.
  • You will now get to see a QR code on your screen, so align it with your phone to get it scanned.
  • Your Windows phone will be now connected to the PC due to which the receiver and the sender can share files between each other.

Steps to Transfer Files Via SHAREit: From PC to iPhone

The method required for sending files through SHAREit from PC to iPhone and Windows is just the same. Therefore, you can take a look at the procedure mentioned above in order to send something via the file sharing service from your PC to an iPhone.

Wrap Up

We hope that the guideline given for how to transfer files through SHAREit from PC to PC, Windows phone as well as iPhone would turn out to be extremely insightful for you. If you have any doubt regarding the steps we mentioned here, please ask us without any hesitation.

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