How to Transfer Files using SHAREit for Free

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Transfer files using SHAREit

In today’s day and age that prioritises speed over everything else, super quick ways to transfer files are a true blessing. For those of us continuously on the go, we can hardly afford the time to sit around to share our files via Bluetooth. Sure, Bluetooth brought true convenience to out fingertips when it first started landing on our mobiles a couple of decades back. But transferring larger files via Bluetooth can be quite a pain as it may take a considerable amount of time, based on the size of the file being shared.

The other practicable option, sharing over the internet, comes with its own share of disadvantages. First off, signal strength may be a problem in certain areas. Secondly, uploading content on a website for sharing, or sharing via messaging platforms, can also be significantly time-consuming. But things get much easier when you transfer files over an app specifically designed to handle large media transfers that require no added connection to anything else. And that’s where SHAREit comes in.

Transfer files using SHAREit

SHAREit is one of the oldest platforms of its kind that allows users to share files without the need for traditional connectivity solutions. It is great for transferring files of any kind, be it media or PDFs, and of any size. In fact, SHAREit lets users share files as large as they want, at speeds that can go up to 100 times faster than Bluetooth. What’s more is that the app’s interface is very user-friendly as it is devoid of a bunch of useless added features that some similar apps are wont to do. In this post, we have discussed how to transfer files through SHAREit apk, step by step. It is easy, hassle-free, and more convenient than any other medium that you will have access to at your fingertips.


The first thing that needs mention here is the fact that SHAREit will only work between devices that have the app installed on them. Previous articles on this site have dealt with how you can download SHAREit on your device, whether Android, iOSWindows, or Blackberry OS. Use the detailed guidelines provided in those to set up the app on the device at your disposal. Then follow the steps provided below to get sharing. Remember, SHAREit allows cross-platform sharing if both devices (between which sharing is to take place) have the app preinstalled. Another thing to be noted is that unlike internet sharing procedures, users can only transfer files on SHAREit when the sending and receiving devices are in close proximity.

Step 1: Ensure that both devices involved at the sending-receiving end have SHAREit installed on them. Check out the above links to get the app on your device and set it up with your email.

Step 2: Open the app on both devices. You will be greeted by a simple interface that provides you with two options: “Send” and “Receive”. Click on Send on the device that the file to be transferred is located in, and click on “Receive” on the other one. Clicking on Send will take you directly to a page which offers you an overview of all the files that you have on your device. This will include Photos, Videos(this will include Movies), Music and File. You can select any file from here for sending. Remember, the receiving device has to click on “Receive” for you to send anything to it.

Step 3: Select the file that you want to send (the receiver doesn’t have to do much at this point but to wait until they’re shown the “Receive File” option). Note that you can select multiple files at one go if you want to send them all to a single device. Click on “Next”.

Step 4: The sender will then be presented with the option to select the person to send the file/ files to. Once the sender selects the device to send the selected files to, the device at the receiving end will need to confirm whether they wish to receive files from the sender.

Step 5: Sit back and relax as the files are transferred between the devices at lightning speed. Once the transfer is completed, the SHAREit app will show you the time that was needed for the core sharing process. At the end of the transfer, the sender can either choose to “Continue” or “Finish” their activities on the app.

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Wrap Up: So as we have it, SHAREit allows you to share a great many kinds of files without the hassle of connectivity problems. The app is a self-sufficient one, which means it can set itself up without the need for internet, Bluetooth or other traditional means of connectivity. So folks, if you have one or more devices that require cross-platform sharing, or you simply have a lot of things to share with your friends, then SHAREit is the app for you.

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